Ice Poseidon: Net Worth

Ice Poseidon used to be a famous streamer on Twitch, until Twitch permanently banned him in a controversial rift. He now streams on Youtube and has a decent fant base.

His real name is Paul Denino, and he was born in September 1994, which makes him 26 years old at the time this post is being written.

Ice Poseidon’s net worth can only be estimated based on his number of subscribers and total number of views.

Paul Denino, better known as Ice Poseidon, is a popular streamer of the IRL (in real life) genre, and primarily known for his Runescape achievements. He became popular on Twitch, before a fan called in a bomb threat under his name at the Pheonix airport, and Twitch permanently banned him since then.

Estimating Ice Poseidon’s Net Worth

If you ever wonder how much money does Ice Poseidon makes? Here is your answer:

Ice Poseidon has over 700K subcribers on Youtube with over 95 million views.

This can translate into $300,000 revenue in ad revenue / year. And on top of that we can estimate another $200,000 in sponsorships. That totals up to about $500,000 / year.

If we assume he has amassed that amount for the last 3 years (he started his career in 2015), we can estimate Ice Poseidon’s network is estimated to be between $1 million to $1.5 million.